13 Studies on Sexual Attraction that Will Shock You

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4 min readJul 16, 2023

Sexual attraction is a fascinating topic that scientists from various fields, such as psychology, biology, and anthropology, have explored for decades. This exploration has resulted in some interesting, and sometimes shocking, findings.

Let’s delve into 13 studies that have left many in awe.

#1. The Sweaty T-shirt Experiment

In 1995, Swiss biologist Claus Wedekind conducted the infamous ‘sweaty t-shirt experiment.’

He found that women were attracted to the smell of men who had different immune system genes from their own.

This suggested that scent plays a role in partner selection, potentially helping to ensure healthier offspring.

#2. Symmetry and Attractiveness

Numerous studies suggest that facial and body symmetry is closely tied to perceived attractiveness.

Psychologists have theorized that symmetry may be an indicator of health and genetic fitness, making symmetrical individuals more appealing to potential mates.

#3. Red: The Color of Love

A series of studies conducted by Andrew Elliot and Daniela Niesta revealed that men perceive women wearing red or being framed…



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