And this…is how we choose our partner

Science can’t clearly say what makes the man or woman of our dreams.

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10 min readApr 8, 2022


Research cannot explain precisely why two people choose each other.

From the interesting point of view of the evolutionary biologists, it is mainly about the next generation.

Psychologists also see other motives.

You met and fell in love with your better half by chance in the pub?

Then you can certainly explain with a few well-placed words why it had to be this slightly rounded person — and not the slim, tall creature from the following table.


Welcome to the club!

Why we fall in love with some people and not with others is a question as fascinating as it is unanswered.

However, many scientists suspect that we do not consciously choose the object of our desire, that unconscious impressions make a person attractive to us.

This could be the motto of the search for the dream man or woman, always following the nose. In the animal kingdom, this works: mice sniff out whether their potential partner is genetically suitable for them.

The brooding boar sprays the pheromone androstenone, a messenger substance that makes the sow docile.


Researchers suspect similar mechanisms in humans.

In fact, studies show that we, too, may follow our sense of smell in matters of love.

In the name of science, women were allowed to sniff extensively used men’s T-shirts and conclude from this the attractiveness of the shirt wearer.

They chose, unconsciously, the genetically appropriate person for themselves.

However, whether pheromones actually have a beguiling effect on humans is controversial — despite all the promises of the perfume industry.

Same and equal likes to join

It seems more plausible that we pay particular attention to what the man or woman looks like at the counter.

We don’t just find an even face so attractive. It probably signals that a person is…



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