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Through the years the Google tools which could be used for business have evolved and multiplied.

All of us better know Google as a search engine, but not as a provider of free tools for business and services that can be useful for any niche.

Today we will review all of these smart services and free tools, one by one. Also, we’ll explain how they can aid every type of online or offline business to develop and grow.

Essential Google tools for every Business that are Free

Most of Google’s best tools for business are free. Another good news is they are super useful and can be very effective in achieving your business goals if utilize them effectively.

1. Google My Business

Google My Business, is a platform that will work as a showcase for yours and every other business.

The platform offers most of the benefits that a business directory such as Yelp has and even some more.

This is the reason why most businesses choose to take advantage of using this tool. Thanks to its popularity Google My Business offers a considerable improvement in SEO and extra exposure for any business or company.

The extra exposure which Google My Business, comes from the integration of the platform with Google Maps.

This means that by including your business in Google My Business, you will let your business be visible in Google Maps with the exact location.

Another benefit is your business appear on Google My Business with contact information, so anyone who is looking for you can reach you.

This, of course, reflects the visibility of your company or business in Google’s Search Result Pages (SERP). The later is valid for local and global businesses, which is again beneficial.

If your company exists in the free listings on Google My Business, then you will have the possibility to respond to customer reviews and comments, and get in touch with them.

Due to the integration with YouTube, you will have the ability to upload videos related to your business. Besides, you’ll have access to Google Adwords location extensions with your account.

That’s it. The reasons to use Google My Business are many.

But in this case, the interesting thing is that you learned how to manage in the best way this free Google tool for your business or company.

2. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is not only one of the most useful Google tools for your business or company.

It also happens to be one of the best tools for listening and monitoring to social networks and the Web.

Nowadays there are many free tools for brand monitoring, but in fact, Google Alerts is one of the first platforms for Internet and social media monitoring.

Thanks to this free platform you can track particular searches that have been done online and receive reports by email. Google Alerts is very simple to use.

The tool allows you to configure all alerts quickly with respect to keywords you choose.

The slogan of this free tool is “Monitor the web for interesting new content” for a reason. Let’s say you want to see how popular is your brand name online.

For this reason, you can set up as a keyword to be monitored the name of your business. Thus, you will be aware of each and every time someone talk mentions your company or talk about your brand on the web.

Besides, Google Alerts lets you track the sites that are using the same terms, thus offering you a global vision of your web competition.

3. Google Analytics

How many of the visitors to your website are new? And how many of them are not?

Do you know how much time each user invests in your website or how are the bounce rates?

All these analytical questions can be answered by Google Analytics, Google’s free website analysis tool.

Google Analytics can provide you with complete and intelligent information about the traffic of your website and help you understand the way in which users interact with it.

4. Google URL Builder

If you never heard of Google URL builder which is part of Google Analytics, then don’t worry.

Google URL builder tools allow you to easily add parameters to URLs so you can track campaigns that refer traffic to your website in Google Analytics.

Basically, Google URL Builder will assist you to generate custom campaign parameters for your advertised links.

This is an intuitive user-friendly instrument, which surely is helpful to boost your marketing strategy.

5. Google AdSense

Google Adsense is one of the systems to make money around the world. It consists of the publication of Google ads in a well-organized way so that each user is only shown content related to the searches that are usually done in the Google search engine.

If you manage a successful Blog or a prosperous YouTube channel, then you should not overlook Google Adsense.

It is the perfect tool for every business or entrepreneurs who create content but do not know how to make money with it.

The tool connects your website with a network of advertisers looking to host advertisements on channels where your audience moves.

The system that uses this tool to make money is called CPC (Cost per Click), which means that you could earn money every time when a user clicks on an ad published on your site or webpage.

Google Adsense together with other tools and services is part of Google Marketing Platform designed for small businesses or large enterprises.

6. Google Ads

Here is the place to mention that Google Ads is used by advertisers while AdSense is utilized by publishers. Google Ads serves for business to get more exposure online by investing in paid advertising.

The advertisers or businesses pay each time a user clicks on one of their ads (CPC) or visualizes them (CPM).

Payments for using Google Ads are done in the usual way through the PPC. Advertisers, therefore, pay to Google in exchange for clicks on their advertisements. The price of the click, in addition, is fixed according to an auction system.

It is established that those keywords that have more competition are more expensive.

Hence, keywords with less competition will be lower cost. Normally, keywords with less competition will be less likely to get visits, clicks, and conversions.

Google Ads is a very dynamic advertising method that is easy to use by any user.

Depending on the generated traffic, clicks and impressions, more leads could be obtained for the business.

7. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is one of the best tools to choose keywords for your marketing campaigns.

This is a keyword research tool that allows you to find the best keywords to target for search ads, video ads, display ads, and app ads.

Google Keyword Planner gives you an easy way to find meaningful keywords for your business.

I will suggest several keywords so you can choose which one works best for your business.

8. Google Trends

One of the advantages of Google Trends is that it gives you the opportunity to explore the popularity of a keyword over a long period of time.

In other words the tool it is useful to review the evolution of the interest about a certain topic or keywords that are important in your business.

You can even make keyword comparisons to see what is the interest about each one of them.

Google Trends also includes the possibility of filtering by countries, by time intervals, categories, and even search types.

Besides, you can limit your searches to Google Images, Google News, Google Shopping or YouTube.

9. Think With Google

You may know about Think With Google but you probably haven’t stopped to analyze it well in depth.

You would know that this is simply one of the best Google tools for your brand or business.

Think With Google is a digital library and platform rich in resources so that marketing managers or business representatives do not miss one.

The best of all is that Think With Google is a useful resource for many things.

This free platform will provide you with insights, statistics and all kinds of information and recommendations of other resources to use.

Thus you keep up with trends and all kinds of campaigns and strategies related to your business.

10. Google Shopping

Google Shopping, previously known as Google Products is already popular enough. This is another advertising tool for your business, especially if you have an online store.

This platform gives the businesses the ability to present their products on Google Search in a visual way just next to their competitors.

Retailers can advertise and pay to Google when potential customers click through to the advertised website or view the shops’ local inventory.

The shopping ads are to promote your local or online inventory, boost traffic to your local store, or website and find better leads.

With Google Shopping the ads appear on Google Images, YouTube, Google Search, and other locations when someone searches for products you sell. This, of course, improves visibility and increases the chances of selling.

11. Google Calendar

There are Google tools for your company that make your life easier and organize each and every one of your days and tasks.

Google Calendar is one of the free tools, useful for any type of business. The Google calendar is ideal for setting meetings, activities, events, jobs, deliveries, etc. and the best thing of all is that it reminds you with alerts what you have to do.

Almost any business large or small needs a marketing strategy. This automatically raises the question about the importance of a marketing calendar for such activities.

Well, Google Calendar is free and ready to serve any business.

12. Google Sites

Google Sites as its name suggests is a tool to create a website and share information with others. This free tool gives you the possibility to create a unique website for your business.

Within Google Sites, you can work with your colleagues as a group or collaborators by following some simple steps. Google Sites is one of Google’s best tools for teamwork, as it allows everyone to collaborate and participate in the editing of documents and files.

For personal use, Google Sites can be used with a free Google account, while G Suite account is required for business users.

Once the website is created, everyone who has access to it will be able to update it, add pages and upload content.

13. Google Blogs

The benefits of having a company blog are clear even to the newbies.

Blogger by Google provides a free space for your blog if you follow some simple rules. Users can use their private or Google business accounts.

Blogger is a user-friendly and light CMS by Google, which has simpler functionalities, compared to WordPress.

Above all, the free blog system is a great place for your private and company blogs and will add a boost to the online presence of your brand.

14. Google Keep

Google Keep is a note-taking service developed by Google.

This useful tool is ideal for saving notes in different formats. In fact, you can save them as audio or text including images.

Also, there is an option to set a reminder with geolocation, which is a cool option.

For example, you can program Google Keep, well before visiting a client’s or business partner’s office for a planned meeting.

The location-based reminder that saves information about your meeting (i.e. schedule, reminders, topics, lists, etc.) then will be activated where or when you want.

Google Keep works on your phone, computer, tablet or Android wearables. This useful tool from Google helps to keep your thoughts and notes safe and always synchronized.

15. Google Correlate

Google Correlate uses data from web search activities to locate queries with a very similar pattern to a target data series.

If you know well what power is hidden in Google Trends, but didn’t know about Google Correlate then you have missed a lot. In fact, Google Correlate has some similarities with Google Trends.

Basically, Google Correlate works like Trends but reversed. The results can be viewed online or downloaded as a CSV file for deeper analysis.

I’ll try to explain briefly how this free tool works. Basically, in Google Trends users enter in a query and get back a data of activities (a series of its frequency).

In contrast, in Google Correlate users type the target (keywords or series of data) and then get back a list of queries with data series whose frequency follow similar patterns.

How Google Correlate can help your business is not a simple question to answer if you haven’t this tool yet.

Actually, you will find the answer easily if you only spend ten minutes of your time, check the comic book then read the instructions and give it a try.

You can start using Google Correlate your own data of time series and then compare it with data built by search queries and gathered by Google.

By this data comparison, you can find search terms(queries) which are or were as popular as the targeted terms (keywords, queries).

The entered terms can be filtered by time and location (i.e country or a state),

The first time when I discovered this great free tool I was confused. Later on, I was amazed by the possibilities Google Correlate provides.

In other words — just be curious and experiment with it.

16. Google Allo

If you wonder what Google came up with about the communications for your business, then you probably haven’t used Google Allo.

The instant messaging mobile app for Android and iOS mobile operating systems, Google Allo competes well with Viber, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

Google Allo uses phone numbers as identifiers and allows its users to exchange voice notes, messages, images and files.

There is also a web client available for Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox so you can utilize this free communication tool for your business needs.

17. Google Hangouts

Another tool for effortless and free communication provided by Google is Google Hangouts.

This was one of the good things to come out the unsuccessful experiment known as Google Plus social network and is a direct competitor to Skype.

Google Hangouts is one of the most valuable platforms to improve communication between teams that are at a distance or do not coincide every day.

This useful free video chat app that’s built into Google Calendar and Gmail can be used also for business purposes.

Google Hangouts allows the simplest way to jump on a call with business partners or colleagues.

The text chat is simple and basic, but high-quality videos with 25 participants made up for that.

Of course, the best part of it is that it’s free.

The enterprise version of Google Hangouts is named Hangouts Meet and it’s designed specifically for large companies and businesses.

There are some differences between the classic Hangouts and Hangouts Meet, but which version would suit best your business needs it’s up to you.

One of the differences between these two tools is the number of participants in conference calls.

With certain accounts on Google Meet, you can communicate with up to 100 users at the same time.

18. Google Drive

With the expansion of the files volumes, we all need large storage spaces at all times. Google Drive is another excellent free tool for your business.

If you haven’t tried Google Drive, then you should.

On the cloud storage (15 GB of storage space are free with your Google Account) you can store any file, keep designs, drawings, recordings, videos, photos, stories and more.

The benefits of Google Drive for your business are many, but I will only mention a few of the most important ones.

Google Drive is a tool that allows you to forget about taking your laptop or tablet with you.

You have all your documents in the cloud, accessible when you need to use them or share with your colleagues or friends.

You can download and collaborate on all the files you want with your colleagues or partners, without the need for e-mail attachments.

In addition, it allows several people to work at the same time on the same document.

And one more thing, Google Drive works on any of your devices — a mobile, tablet, PC, Mac or iPhone.

19. Google Market Finder

If you plan to reach global clients looking for what you sell, then the Market Finder could be one of the best Google tools for your business to use. This smart platform will recommend the most suitable markets for your business by providing you with detailed market insights.

What is the disposable income of your potential customers or how they use the internet?

Google Market Finder gives you all the insights you need to research the next step for your brand — the global markets and reach new levels and business opportunities.

Every successful business needs a successful marketing plan. With the global market finder, you can explore trends for the keywords essential for your business in the most important economic groups in the world and in the respective language of each region.

Market Finder by Google is a quick way to test your business opportunities abroad and suggest the best instruments to put it all into action.

20. YouTube

Do not forget that the second great search engine is YouTube, which is now part of Google itself.

There are people who still can’t understand that YouTube has become a search engine and not just a free video-sharing platform.

There are many Internet users who search for information directly on YouTube, without even going through Google.

Take advantage of this boom. More and more users prefer to be informed through videos instead of reading.

It’s a fact we all prefer to consume images that are not texts. And if they are moving images, it is even better.

How a free platform YouTube can help your business? You can double the possibilities of being found by your potential clients since you will appear in two powerful search engines -YouTube.

In addition, Google also offers video results for any search on their result pages.

There is no doubt that YouTube is a must-be-present place for every serious business and if you have any doubts about it then you should read these stats and facts about video marketing.

20. Google Forms

Get feedback from your potential customers, whether positive or negative, will always help your business.

Especially because this determines the degree of satisfaction of your consumers. One of the ways to get these opinions is to conduct surveys.

And Google Forms was born precisely for that.

In fact, creating a survey with this tool is very simple, so you could use it to find out with what things in your company or business your customers disapprove and what should be improved in future.

21.Google Cloud Print

A useful tool for every business Google Cloud Print is a service that allows printing from any device connected to the Internet.

Google Cloud Print routes print jobs between your smartphone, your tablet or your computer, and sends them to a printer connected to the Internet.

The free service also allows users to easily discover printers and print from their own device without having to perform complex configuration or install drivers.

For example, you are reading something on your mobile and you want to print it, you dispatch it for a print and that’s it.

22.Google Photos

Google Photos is superb because Google will give you unlimited storage which is free and for life.

This tool will allow you to upload photos of your mobile phone, laptop, tablet or PC to the cloud.

By doing this you can access them anywhere through an application. In addition, Google Photos also functions as a backup for your images.

You now probably wonder what you can do with your uploaded photos and how can Google Photos be useful for your business needs.

Well, the uploaded images can be shared with whoever you want by a link or published directly on Twitter and Facebook.

Apart from this, by using an automatically generated links to any of your uploaded on the cloud photo albums everyone who you allow to can also add photos to your albums.

As you can guess this option could be useful not only for photo albums shared among your family but for things related to your job or business.

23. Google Expeditions

Google Expeditions It is the virtual reality learning program that Google has developed for schools.

With Google Expeditions, teachers can take students on an immersive journey in AR and VR by using an app.

If you still wonder how Expeditions can be useful for your business or brand, then imagine your presentations in brand new formats.

24. Google Translate

Google Translate is an incredible helper for translation of words, phrases, and whole texts, from one language to another.

Certainly is not perfect yet, but it is quite useful in most cases to get an idea and it’s obvious it’s getting better and better every time you use it.

Google Translate is among the most searched words online for a reason. The free online translator by Google allows you to hear how that word is pronounced in the other language.

And there it does not fail.

25. Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary is a free Google Chrome extension developed by Google. The free tool can be employed by anyone and it’s available for Windows, Mac and Linux-based computers.

Overall, Google Dictionary is easy to use even to novice users.

The tool enables its users to view definitions while browsing on the Internet. Besides, Google Dictionary features an integrated translator that can automatically translate web pages in different languages

26. Google Advanced Search

Have you ever tried to use Google Advanced Search instead of Google Search? Google’s Advanced search engine is much more interesting than the normal Google search engine most people use because it allows you to refine the results and reach exactly what you are looking for without a hassle.

The only thing you have to get familiar is how to take advantage of the Google operators in order to utilize fully the capabilities of this excellent search engine.

27. Google FeedBurner

Do you want to grow your popularity and brand name?

Then you have to allow visitors to your blog to subscribe to your content, using feeds. By creating an account on Google FeedBurner you allow your website visitors to subscribe to your content and receive regular updates through your browsers, RSS readers or your email.


28. Gmail

Gmail is one of the most popular free Google services, which started as an internal Google email service.

In the past, the only way to get a Gmail account was to receive an invitation from someone else.

Now anyone can create a free Gmail account.

Gmail is your Google ID and is required to get access to all other tools and services provided by Google.

As you see, Google tools cover almost all kinds of issues that a business can face.

Moreover, they provide solutions and this makes them useful not only for marketers but for any business or a company, regardless of the sector or niche.

Final Thoughts

If you already use any of these tools, which ones do you think are the best to recommend for those who have never used any of them?

Are there other free Google tools which you use for your business and think should be on this list?

There are far too many Google tools available for your business and most of them are free to use.

The problem is that sometimes we do not have the time to study them.

There are even more business tools to discover and surely even more to come.

I trust the selection of these free services and great tools by Google presented on here will be of help to increase your productivity and make your business to flourish.



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