The Pinnacles of Human Stupidity

The famous Darwin Awards have highlighted the most absurd deaths and accidents for years. Stupid to the maximum: these examples corroborate this

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4 min readApr 12, 2022


Accidents can happen at any time without us being able to protect ourselves 100% of them, but our actions cause some.

What happens when someone plays it and takes risks that anyone else would call madness?

In some cases, this someone ends up losing his life in the most idiotic way possible.

Or suffers a severe accident, plus winning a famous Charles Darwin Award.

What is this dubious “decoration”?

The Darwin awards became very famous, but they are neither prizes nor contests in themselves.

Charles Darwin Awards recognize individuals who have contributed to our evolution by taking themselves out of the gene pool by dying or at least becoming sterilized via their actions.

But no: human stupidity reaches unsuspected heights. Just look at the following examples to prove it.

A driver crosses the track in front of a running train

April 15, 2001, in Tennessee. A driver was driving parallel to the train track, competing with a convoy that was circulating on the way.

And the man couldn’t think of anything other than emulating the movies and crossing the track by the step seconds before the train passed.

He would bump into another driver who had the same idea by chance.

One of them died, and the other was injured.

The train did not flinch: the cars collided outside the track on which it was circulating.

The fireworks that don’t explode

This that our mothers have warned us dozens of times was not taken into account by a fireworks supervisor operating the show of July 4, 2000, in the United States.

The man couldn’t think of anything else but poke his head into one of the tubes he hadn’t detonated in time.



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