These types of videos will help your Online Business to grow and sell more.

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The popularity of video marketing has exploded, and for a good reason: video is both engaging and memorable.

Are you ready to get started using videos to grow your online business?

Are you ready to get started using video to grow your business?

If the answer is positive, then keep reading — here are five essential video formats to create for your video marketing campaign:

A product video communicates your product, what it does to help your customers and shows its features and benefits.

A how-to video is like an animated instruction booklet that shows your customer how to use your product to solve their problem, step by step.

According to research by Unbounce, by using video on your eCommerce site’s product page, you can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. Hubspot found that adding videos to emails can increase click-through rates up to 300%.

A testimonial video has the incredible power to build and maintain trust with potential customers as real users share stories about the positive impact your products or services have on their lives.

An “About Us” video is useful because lets you to tell the world why your business is unique by sharing your business story and showcasing the faces and human names behind your brand.

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A welcome video is a great method to greet new customers

A welcome video is a great method to greet new customers, reaffirm their purchasing decision, and finally- to let them know what support they can expect from your team when they start using your product or service.

At the End

Including engaging videos of different formats can help you to increase your business popularity and increase online sales. While the article was about online business, these tips apply to any business, not only E-commerce.

Make sure to create a video optimized for mobile viewing and share it on your website, emails, and social media.

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