What exactly is Copywriting?

What is copywriting? Solve all your doubts in a single post.

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10 min readApr 17, 2022


Copywriting… What?

Many people talk about copywriting, and many others write about it, but how many know what copywriting is?

Copywriting has been around us for a long time, and you have come to the right place to discover it.

What are you going to find in our post:

1. Definition of copywriting

2. But what is copywriting?

3. Copywriting does not know about decorations

4. Good copywriting practices get great results

5. Types of copywriting

6. Not everything is copywriting

7. The magic of copywriting

You probably have heard that copywriting is an excellent job with a future and want to find out if it can be a job option for you.

Indeed, if you asked the people around me what I do, many of them today would not know very well what to answer you.

I’ve been explaining to everyone happy to listen to me what copywriting is and why it is so valuable for your business.

1. Definition of copywriting

Copywriting is the ability to persuasively write any text that appears on your website to get your ideal client to take action.

I advance its definition, but I ask you to please accompany me to the end.

Let me delve into the power of well-chosen words to guide your potential customers to concrete action.

Now let’s see in detail what copywriting consists of.

Copywriting allows you to boost your value.

I’ll start with a situation that I’m sure is familiar to you to make it simple.

You start a job, and with you, there are two or three more colleagues.

None seems more competent than you, and in fact, you believe that your skills are an advantage over your…



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