Why are there people who always have such a hard time finding a job?

Some people spend years “looking” for work, and others immediately get hired. Why is that?

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5 min readApr 15, 2022

Some people spend years “looking” for work, and others immediately get hired again when they become unemployed.

Why is that?

We often evoke the “luck” factor, but the truth is that, regardless of its influence — minimal, if any — there are many factors that align with the people to whom this usually happens. It’s called attitude.

It’s all a matter of an Attitude

Attitude is the predisposition with which we face something, which also influences (and determines) the result. You have more than half the way to getting a job with a good attitude.

When you have a positive attitude, you are open to new possibilities, new ways to invent, create, test, and do. And that openness, by simple probability, translates into greater options and better results.

We are the result of our beliefs. And your beliefs influence the chances that you will or will not find work. Thoughts such as “there is no work”, “let’s see if something comes out”, or “they are not going to call me” are limiting, without you realizing it, your…



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