Why Google Maps pixelates the faces of dogs?

A quite interesting and curious novelty has been located in Google Maps. This service has begun to pixelate the face of dogs. Do you know why?

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3 min readMar 31, 2022


The Google Maps application helps you get anywhere, no matter how far away or remote the place is. Specifically, with its Street View mode, you can walk around the world’s capitals at street level and from home, you can calculate routes to reach any given point.

Those who have used the service will have verified that the license plates appear pixelated and the faces of the people appear. But users of Reddit, an internet forum, have seen that Google Maps has gone a step further and has also censored the faces of some dogs.

Why is Google Maps pixelating the face of animals?

Google is one of the technological giants that considers the protection of users’ privacy, and now it seems that also that of our pets.

The map application server Google Maps has now decided to blur the faces of the dogs from its Street View tool, with which you can enjoy panoramic views at street level.

This though has nothing to do with the new Animal Protection Law , in which, among other things, they have been given the name of sentient beings.

In reality, it is a measure that is more on the technical side than on the protection side.

Google has explained that the contents of Street View are created from 360º video recordings.

In all of them, artificial intelligence algorithms are applied for face and license plate recognition in order not to have to carry out manual actions.

Once detected, this software is capable of automatically blurring these two types of content.

The improvement of this algorithm has led to the fact that now the faces of the dogs are also blurred. Therefore, it is not that Google wants to protect your privacy, but that it is collateral damage to the way you work.

As The Mirror reports, Google has ensured that “ever since we created Street View content from user-submitted 360 video recordings, we automatically applied our algorithms to blur faces and license plates.”

Even so, some users have been quick to joke about it. “I’m glad they support dog privacy,” one Reddit user commented.

“Dog Protection Program,” wrote another participant.

“It doesn’t matter because dogs recognize each other by their asses,” joked another user of the popular social network.



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